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Me In A Deep Sleep / ふかい眠りに私【Awa Dobuno Cover】

Have a good night,

I hope to see you soon

Can we meet more than

Once in a blue moon?

Speak in the ways you

Know will make me swoon

Even as you push me down

Hanging from ropes swinging from the low ceiling

My hands, my knees

Every body, me

Where, oh where, have I ended up now

I've gotta go

Oh, no

To the path ahead

No matter how I try

All the words I wanna say spin around and slip away

I know it's a lie

All of it from the very start

No matter how I try

All my fingers I could count;

Can't remember the amount

I know it's a lie

My body to my name

and my shame

I've forgotten who I am!

I'll help you deal with the hand that you've been dealt

Don't be afraid, or else you'll go astray

If it's okay to feel all the ways I've felt

I'll welcome you here once I'm feeling okay

Come and get me out of here!

How many times have I tried to hang myself?

Do my regrets keep snapping at the rope?

If it's alright to feel all the ways I've felt

I'll accept it once I'm feeling okay

Time to wake up, dear

Open up your eyes

Nice to see you again

I have a surprise

A gift from me to you

That you can sympathize,

"Accept yourself, even when you're not okay"

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